Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I'm Not a (Run) Streaker

I'm not a run streaker.

I want to be a streaker, but I just don't have the drive and motivation. My passion waivers as soon as I'm tired or sick. Guess that means I don't actually have the passion. Or the dedication or commitment. Something is missing. Still, wouldn't it be cool to run every day? For a year or more! Best I've done is just over three months. 100+ days. Pretty good for me...but not really a streaker. I tried again this Thanksgiving, but my streak ended yesterday at 27 days. I suppose 27 is sorta like an ultra streak (more than 26.2 days). In reality, it was nothing special. That's OK. I'm not a streaker. I'm still a runner. That's enough.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

One Fast Mile, 3 Days per Week

This past month I've tried a new running strategy. First, I run every day. Second, three days per week I run one mile fast on the treadmill. Those three days are my past rest days. Now they are "sorta rest" days. Sure, I run fast. But it's only one mile. And I warm up well on cross training machines--elliptical, glider, bike, stair climber, etc. I do about 15 minutes of medium-hard cross training, then pop on the treadmill for a fast mile. I'm currently running about 6:30 pace! Just three weeks ago it was 7:30. I plan to break 6:00 by the end of January.

The other four days of the week are "go as I feel" type runs. Sometimes very slow and easy with walk breaks. Other times more steady uptempo efforts. Soon I'll incorporate long runs. It's a nice variety of workouts. Running hard on a  treadmill, for one mile, is actually very fun. Outside on trails is my normal go-to type of run and I still enjoy those efforts. Right now, the diversity of runs is feeling pretty nice. And 3 runs/week on the treadmill, in the dark and cold of winter, seems pretty nice too.

I haven't really pushed the treadmill one-milers. I gently increase the pace and see how I feel. I'm never breathing hard and my heart rate progresses to about lactate threshold levels. Nothing too extreme. If I want to break 6:00 pace, I'll need to push harder. I can. For now it's one step at a time. I simply need to progress a little each week. It's fun seeing the pace and heart rate correlation on these very controlled treadmill runs. At some point the two will diverge...my maximum pace, or heart rate, isn't too far away!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


I am very grateful on this Thanksgiving. I'm a runner. More importantly, I'm a happy, healthy, injury-free runner. Well, make that 95% injury-free (right knee still slightly off). Close enough. Plenty of thanks. Healthy wife, healthy pets, good job, great friends, family, and colleagues. Lots of running buddies.

Also, today begins my Runner's World run-streak: Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. Feeling so fantastic, I started 9 days early! Today was run #10. On January 1, I'll hit 49 days. Can't stop there. January 2 will be a nice round 50 days. That's my commitment (for now).

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and joins me on the Runners World challenge to run 40 days from now through New Year's Day. Appreciate your ability to run. Every single day.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving to New Years Run Streak

With my right knee still causing some problems, my next half-marathon race is off the books. With no more races this year, I need a goal. Why not participate in Runners World #RWrunstreak by running every day from Thanksgiving (November 23) to New Years (January 1)? It's only 40 days. Seems doable. What better way to show my damn knee who's in control? Forty days of awesome! Care to join me? It's only one mile a day (minimum). Anyone can run one mile a day, right? Even an old dude with a bum knee. No excuses.