Thursday, June 3, 2021

May 2021 Run Stats: Better!

My May running statistics were better than April! Not perfect, but definitely better. Almost every statistic I follow was improved. I ran every single day, and did a lot of run-walks, so my mileage was higher, but pace was slower. That's cool with me! I'm training for ultras, not 5Ks. Of course, I'd like to develop and keep some speed too...that will be worked on in June while still maintaining endurance. Here are my May run stats compared to April:

Total Distance113.52 mi153.69 mi
Average Distance5.41 mi4.96 mi
Max Distance12.57 mi13.27 mi
Total Activity Time18:07 h:m26:26 h:m
Avg Time51:46 m:s51:11 m:s
Total Elev Gain3,809 ft4,734 ft
Average Pace9:35 min/mi10:20 min/mi
Average Heart Rate130 bpm126 bpm
Average Run Cadence162 spm160 spm

Proudest achievement? I ran 31 times in 31 days. I'm not a run-streak kind of guy, but this was a goal for May. Also, I ran with Hellah Sidibe as he did his transcontinental run from LA to NYC! Found him around Tuscola, IL and did about 8 miles with him. Great experience. I have two ultras coming up: Last Buffalo Standing in July and Howl at the Moon in August. Need to keep my mileage up in June, even with the heat and humidity. It's doable. My main goal for June is 150+ miles with speed work once a week. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Hellah Running Across the Country!

Me and Hellah!
Last week I met up and ran about 8 miles with a guy running across the country from Los Angeles to New York City! He was running through central Illinois, so why not track him down and get in a few miles? His name is Hellah Sidibe. We met up outside Tuscola, IL and ran into town. He has a friend driving an RV and his girlfriend in an SUV support vehicle. It was a great time running and chatting with Hellah. I knew we'd have more in common than just running. Yes, I am an ultrarunner and he's running across the country--that's a good start for common conversations about distance running, walking hills, eating, drinking, sleeping, recovery tricks, etc. But we also have a few other traits in common: he's vegan and I'm vegetarian, we both love soccer and are Chelsea fans, and we both seem to lean slightly progressive on the political spectrum. So why is this guy running across the country? It's to raise money for a charity: Soles4souls. And to generally promote a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to run and exercise. His goal was to finish in less than 100 days. I think he'll do it! He's currently in Ohio and heading east at about 40+ miles per day. I wish him the best. 

Soles4souls charity donation link:

In addition to his web site, Hellah has several social media channels. I found him on his YouTube page which documents his daily running streak (4 years) and has lots of inspiration to start and keep running. All are good follows. 

Instagram: @hellahgood9


Twitter: @hellahgood9


Special thanks to my wife for dropping me off when we found Hellah running on the side of US 36, then waiting for almost 2 hours before picking me up back in Tuscola and driving home. You're the best.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

April 2021 Run Stats: OK, Not Great

Dang! I thought April would be my month. It's the start of spring and usually warmer weather and beautiful trails. More miles. More long runs. More speed. Couple time trials. Nope. Only managed 114 total miles. Not great for a month that had reasonable weather. It wasn't a bad month, just an OK one. Guess it will motivate me to make May better! Here are my statistics for April with comparison to last month:

Total Distance132.23 mi113.52 mi
Average Distance5.75 mi5.41 mi
Max Distance13.13 mi12.57 mi
Total Activity Time21:17 h:m18:07 h:m
Avg Time55:32 m:s51:46 m:s
Total Elev Gain4,915 ft3,809 ft
Average Pace9:40 min/mi9:35 min/mi
Average Heart Rate136 bpm130 bpm
Average Run Cadence161 spm162 spm

Bring on running in May! Guarantee I'll have more than 114 miles. And more longer runs. And more elevation gain than 3,800'. And more than 21 runs. That's a lot of "mores." We shall see. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Earth Day Success

Yesterday, April 22, was Earth Day. It was also the day my sister Sandy died back in 2006. Sandy was an outdoor enthusiast and believed in environmental issues so it's fitting to celebrate her life and the Earth on the same day. Ever since her death, I have a tradition for every April 22:

  • Take the day off from work (time to have introspection)
  • Run trails (connects me to nature)
  • Donate to local humane society (Sandy loved animals)
  • Register for Howl at the Moon 8-hour ultra (reg opens on Earth Day!)
  • Raise a beer and toast my sister (good way to end the day)
Yesterday, I achieved all of the above goals. Ran at three different Champaign County forest preserves (Lake of the Woods, River Bend, and Sangamon River), donated to CC Humane Society, got on the Howl race wait list, and ate outside at Guidos Bar and Grill in downtown Champaign with a tasty amber ale. I cannot believe it's been 15 years. Still miss my sister. 

NOTE: Howl at the Moon ultra only has a wait list this year since COVID is still creating uncertainty. I am on the list and feel 99% sure I'll be running on August 14!