Sunday, December 2, 2007

Freezing Rain at the Glen

Yesterday was the reluctant trip to Forest Glen. With freezing rain in the forecast and most of the buffalo herd at Tecumseh Marathon, I was hesitant to drive out on the rural roads to do the Glen. Wes convinced me and the others to stop whining and go run. Danielle, Jack, and I met up with Wes at Home Depot and headed off in dry, but cold conditions. Janet and Tana met us at the Forest Glen trail. We quickly ended up running in 2 groups: Tana, Janet, and me in the front and Wes, Danielle, and Jack in the back. The trail was in good shape--no rain, no mud, and only a few slippery spots by the creeks. The first group finished, changed clothes, and waited for the others to complete the loop. About 20-30 minutes later they came in--after getting lost and doing an extra couple miles. Just as they came back to the cars, the freezing rain began. Not to be deterred, we went off to Two Brothers cafe and had breakfast. As we left I noticed icicles hanging from parts of Wes' truck. The ride home was slow. The slick conditions tossed about 10 cars off the highway. We made it back and Wes agreed I was right to wonder about the trip & weather. But we survived and got in a great run and good breakfast. Someone should start an actual race on the 11-mile Forest Glen trail. After Clinton Lake, it's the best trail in the area.


Tom Rice said...

I was worried about you guys when the freezing rain began to fall earlier than expected. Mother Nature can be deceptive. Sounds like you all had a good time. One of these days soon I will be back with the herd. -DT

Chris Ⓥ said...

Yeah, where have you been Tom? We've had some great group weekend runs lately. Is that lady of yours keeping you at home?