Saturday, March 29, 2008

Race Over

We had an almost perfect day for the race. Full results tomorrow, but here are the two overall winners:
-Logan Martin: 4:00:39 (new course record!)
-Ellen Erhardt: 4:43:13
Congratulations to all the runners.
A big "Thank You" to all the volunteers.


Ray said...

The race was perfect because of your hard work Chris!

Chris Ⓥ said...

Thanks. I love race directing when everything comes together. We had a GREAT day for running and the course was in nice shape. No injuries and lots of happy faces at the finish line.

Eric Taft said...

Chris, thanks for an excellent race, great trails for central Illinois. If anyone found a black Toko glove, Kim would love to get it back. We would gladly pay for postage to Wyoming. Once again thanks for a great event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris, yesterday brought so many great things. The temperatures held up and the sun made things go much smoother for me. The trail was well groomed, well marked, well serviced. The volunteers were great and the spectators/runners were all gracious. What a fun event. Mud was doable, bad in some, but not bad overall. What's a trail race without a little mud, right? Oh, there was that free ice bath in the lake afterwards. In any case, thanks again for your hard work and keeping us up to date with the trail conditions on an almost daily basis.