Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buffalo Trace Trail Race

Everyone knows about the world-famous Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run, but have you heard of the older and shorter "Buffalo Trace Trail Race"? Both races are part of Second Wind Running Club. I started & directed this 5-mile race back in 2003. "Badwater Brian" is the current race director. The event is a 5-mile trail run (with a 2-mile walk category) through beautiful Lake of the Woods Park in Mahomet, IL. That's about 10 miles west of Champaign, IL. And it's my home course! I run there almost every day. The trail is near an ancient buffalo trace created by a massive herd of buffalo. The 5-mile course traverses rolling hills, small forests, open meadows and prairie, and at least one stream. The walkers have a less challenging but still scenic route. The race will take place at 8am on Saturday, May 17. The course is deceptively difficult--no huge hills, no real roots and rocks, and only one small stream crossing--but it has a continuous gentle up and down that wears out those not familiar with hills or trails. The event is a perfect first trail race for those road warriors out there. Early registration deadline is May 9 (only $15). After May 9, including race morning, you can register for $20.

Don't confuse this "Buffalo Trace Trail Race" (5 miler) with the "Buffalo Trace Stage Race" (7-day run) at the same location in mid-June. Try to say those two race names three times fast! The first is a well-established, official, 5-mile race put on by a respected running club. The later is an experimental, informal, 7-day trail run brought to you by a crazy ultra runner (me). More details about the stage race after I complete Gnaw Bone 50K.

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