Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton Lake Post-Race Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that completed a post-race web survey. I had 69 responses (plus lots of individual e-mails). I compiled results and made a few suggestions for change to our Second Wind Running Club board. The club was supportive of your ideas for improvements. (I wish more races collected feedback like this and made changes based on runner comments.)

Average ratings of the race:
(based on 4-point rating scale with 4=excellent, 1=poor)

AID STATIONS=3.85 (90% rated "excellent")
FINISHER AWARD=3.58 (74% rated "excellent")
RACE SHIRT=3.59 (75% rated "excellent")
TRAIL COURSE=3.99 (99% rated "excellent")
ORGANIZATION=4.00 (100% rated "excellent")
OVERALL=3.94 (96% rated "excellent")

96% said they'd run the race again! This was only the 2nd year for the race and I think it's already established itself as a premier event. I want it to get even better every year. The club and I are proud of this "little Midwestern ultra" that is growing stronger and stronger.

Here are changes planned for next year based on feedback from you and my great volunteers:

*Very tentative race date = Saturday, March 28, 2009
*Change course direction next year--go clockwise (up road hill)
*Add a "Super Grand Master" age group award (60+)
*Provide free entry to next year's race for the current champions
*More pizza at end of race (for volunteers and runners)
*Vaseline at aid stations (but we won't be adding pain pills)
*Greater variety of shirt sizes (XS to XXL)--cotton next year?
*More Mt Dew, less Coke
*Additional sponsors for free give-aways to runners
*Unmanned water aid stations between the main ones (if warm)
*Sign to remind runners to check-in at canoe aid station

Behind the scenes stuff that affects runners indirectly:
*Better communication between stations about runners/DNFs
*Collect bibs at finish to have extra record of finish order
*Use big pitchers to quickly fill water bottles and cups
*Lobby DNR harder for electricity and running water at start

I'm glad that so many runners said they enjoyed the up-to-date Second Wind Running Club web site and my race blog. Keep reading! We hope to add more information to the web site next year. And my blog will continue...even when the race isn't close at hand.

Good luck to all those still in the running for the IL Trail Ultra Grand Slam. Those results are posted on the race web site and my blog. Only 2 races left to go and we have 24 people still going strong.

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