Thursday, April 3, 2008

Subscribing to This Blog (or another)

It's quite easy to subscribe to various blogs that you read regularly. Almost all of them have a subscription button that allows an RRS feed to automatically send the recent posting to your personal iGoogle, My Yahoo, or other "mash-up" site or page reader. Most RRS readers allow you to simply cut and paste the site URL into your reader. That should work for this blog too. There is also a subscription button at the VERY BOTTOM of the page ("Subscribe to: Posts Atom"). Click it and you get the syndication feed of your choice (Google, Yahoo, Live Bookmarks, Bloglines, etc).

Warning: Subscribing to and reading blogs can be addictive! I now have several pages that are simply mash-ups of various running, soccer, science, investing, and world news blogs. If you haven't noticed, there's a blog for just about everything...including a small trail ultra race in central Illinois.


brian said...

Yep, been a happy subscriber for months now :-). Now, if they can just figure out how to also pull in comments made to any blog.


Chris said...

Cool. Keep reading and I'll keep blogging! Good luck at McNaughton Park. I'm actually looking forward to it--no pressure EXCEPT to finish the 100 miler. No time goal EXCEPT to finish under the cut-off (and I'll likely start with the 150 milers to give myself even more time).