Wednesday, May 28, 2008

17 Registrants for 7-Day Race!

We now have 17 entrants for the 7-day stage race. That's pretty darn good considering I figured it would be just me and Jeff. We already have more signed-up then Jeff had at the first Riddle Run. Don't miss a chance to be part of history...don't you want to be able to tell your kids and grandkids that you were at the first ever Buffalo Trace 7-Day Stage Race? Not many people can say that about the first Riddle Run (N=12). And fewer still can say they've done every Riddle Run to date. You can't do them all if you don't do the first one. Next year there could be race discounts for returning runners. Don't miss out!

Buffalo Trace 7-Day Stage Race:
"When 6 days just isn't enough...and 8 days is too much."

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