Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Two of Seven

High: 81 & Sunny, Low: 57

Is this thing REALLY seven days long? I'm tired already and today was a short day (I got 37 miles before class). Do I have to wake up at 4am on Tuesday morning to start running at 5am again? Of course not! I can sleep in all day...but no miles will accumulate. I'll be out there. Wednesday should be my first real test---a full day/evening of running in OK weather (the forecast is a high of 77).

Connie (picture at right) showed up late, but managed 40 miles (best of the day) dressed in her "Death Valley" suit. She wore this yesterday too. She's training for two Badwater trips this summer--first to crew during the official race and then back in August for a solo run. Best of luck to her. After 5 more days she should be acclimated. The heat and sun is getting to me already...she has some serious discipline. I'd be tossing that stuff off after one loop and running to the nearest swimming pool to cool off! I know a good one near the trails.

Even though I was dressed appropriately for the warm & sunny conditions (see my picture with Connie), I still had a hard time. I was moving rather slowly and each time I made it back to the parking lot I'd sit in a chair just hanging out under a tree wondering what I had gotten myself into. If anyone wants to "organize" this event next year...go for it. I might even volunteer. This is killing me.

Stage Two Winner: Connie (40 miles)
Overall Leader: Chris (94 miles)
Runner of the Day: Connie (she got the most miles AND was dressed in full winter garb--buffalo hat, balaclava, jacket, pants, & gloves--makes me look normal!)

Full results on my Google docs page.

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