Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 Races in 5 Months

I was just looking at my race calendar (my races are listed on the left side bar on this blog). I only have 5 more races left for the per month from August to December. And only three of them are ultras! That's an easy schedule. Too easy. Maybe I should add another race? Buffalo Tom says he's not doing any triathlons (or any other races?) this year...I should kick it up a notch to compensate. As much as I hate that darn Tecumseh Marathon, it is fairly close by (Bloomington, IN area) and I should be in good shape by December 6. I might have a good run there. It probably won't interfere too much with my Deer Run 8K the next weekend. If not Tecumseh, then maybe Owen-Putnam 50K (also in central Indiana) on November 1. I've always liked that race--it hearkens back to the classic ultras...small, low-key events, run on great trails with little publicity. Or maybe I should do the Mahomet Half Marathon on August 23 in my home town? I'll be recovered from Howl at the Moon...or at least enough to run a short 13.1 miles! Hmmm...

Heck, why not add all three races to my schedule? I'll see how I feel on August 10 after Howl at the Moon. If I feel good, maybe I'll sign up for the Mahomet half marathon...or the 5K race that accompanies the half marathon. Then I'll wade through Rock Cut Hobo 50K and Farmdale 33 Miler and see if I'm injury free. If so, I should add either Owen-Putnam or Tecumseh to my race schedule.

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