Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Howl at the Moon is Next

My next race is the 8-hour Howl at the Moon on August 9. That gives me all of July to relax (train?). I'm still recovering from the 7 day event--I have some lingering ankle pain, but things are progressing well. I know I can go for 8 hours, even in the sun and heat. Now I need to work on a little speed so I can increase my steady run pace to something that will get me close to 50 miles in 8 hours at Howl. The 9:36 pace per mile seems easy, but that includes breaks for food, drink, change of shoes, socks, etc. Figuring in breaks, the actual running pace is substantially faster. And 8 hours in the August heat, humidity, and sun of central Illinois breaks you down. Whatever my training encompasses, I only have 39 days until race day. Better get going.


Natural said...

I'm with you. For me its "ONLY 39 days away"! Yikes! I was out there on the Howl course this weekend and it looks good. They graded the road down to the marsh. A nice sign dedicated to Scott Hathaway is also posted. I'd like to set some new splits to adjust for the new start/finish area. It should be a blast. Like you, I'm actually considering some 10K's to increase my speed. I have that slow run/walk ultra bug that I like so much.

Chris said...

I suppose 39 days is enough time to get in a little speed. That's my hope. Good luck at Howl.

Pheid said...

Good luck at Howl this year, Chris.

I didn't get my registration in on time and I'm so disappointed, but I'll be there in some capacity helping the Buffs and everyone out...

Happy trails,

Connie :)

TC said...

3 days, start carbo-loading dude... Like at your field over and over... Kevin is training hard for this.
I did the stats, finally sorry dude, you need to go over 350 lifetime miles you need 45.86, what do you think? Easy or 2 miles over your avg.
Gosh I love Howl Week! It will be my 100th marathon or ultra. See you this weekend, I wish I could stay late but can't after the race have to race home to be Godparents next morning, still going to be GREAT weekend, lets get 50 buddy!

TC said...
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