Monday, August 4, 2008

Howl at Moon Weather

The weather looks great for Howl at the Moon 8-Hour this Saturday. It's going to be really hot today and tomorrow (around 95), but by Saturday it is supposed to be a high of 76! We could be starting the race with temperatures in the mid-50s. That would be awesome. I've had too many years of running (and walking) in the oppressive heat and humidity at this darn race. It would be a nice change to have reasonable temps. My goal of 50 miles MIGHT be doable!!! I'm fine tuning my home-made sports drink (more on that tomorrow) and I'm loading my i-Pod with some new tunes. I haven't gotten in the long runs I've wanted over the last 2 weeks, but I've been running well and feeling healthy. It's almost time to lace up those shoes and go for it! Best of luck to all the Howl runners. This could be a record breaking year.


Tom Rice said...

Go for it! Have fun. Buffaloes CAN howl!

Tom Rice said...
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