Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Howl at the Moon Punishment

I've decided that since I didn't achieve my goal at this year's Howl at the Moon 8-Hour run (I wanted 50 miles and ran 47.06), I do not get to run the Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon next year. That'll teach me! My punishment for missing the 50-mile goal is to run that darn 8-hour event again. I need to go back to Howl and set a PR before rewarding myself with a cool race vacation like Pikes Peak. My goal, yet again, is to hit 50 miles (although a new PR will do too) at the 2009 Howl at the Moon before I get to have fun in Colorado. I suppose I shouldn't label running Howl at the Moon as "punishment"--it is a fine race and I love those runners and volunteers. To be honest, I'm sort of addicted to this race. It's close to home, inexpensive, has great runner support and post race party, and it was my first ultra marathon way back in 2000. It has a strange hold on me.

I need to train harder for Howl. I always assume I'll get in some good running plus a few ultras leading up to Howl, but it doesn't quite work out that way. Enough excuses...time to deliver a new PR! If I move the Buffalo Trace 7-day Stage Race to earlier in the year, maybe I'll have more time to recover and train hard for Howl in 2009. Oh well, I can't spend too much time thinking about next year, I still have THIS year to finish. Only 4 days until Rock Cut Hobo 50K and then Farmdale 33 miler is 3 weeks later. That will complete the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam.

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