Sunday, October 5, 2008

Legs Are Tired

I did 10 mile on the trails yesterday afternoon. Overall the run felt good, except my legs had that tired/heavy feel right from the start. I suppose I'm not as fully recovered from the Rock Cut Hobo 50K as I originally thought (my Thursday run went really well). Fortunately, I still have almost 2 weeks before Farmdale 33 miler. I'll be fine for that race. At least I don't have any nagging regular weak spots (left knee & lower back) seem to be holding up well. I used my heart rate monitor and tried to keep the run in my lower zone (MAP: 113-133), but I really just ran easy and let my heart rate go wherever it wanted (I did walk a couple of the longer hills to keep from pushing too hard). Here are the run stats:

Run: 10 mile trail run
Location: Lake of the Woods park
Time: 1:40:03 (10:00 minute pace)
5 mile splits: 50:24-49:29 (negative split!)
Avg HR: 134
Peak HR: 160 (right at end as I picked up the pace!)
Shoe: Nike Air Zoom Trail (great shoe)
Recovery HR (2 minutes after run): 160=>114=46
Feeling: 7/10

For such a slow run (10 min/mile pace) I should have had an even lower HR. Oh well. I do feel that I'm finally getting fit after the Howl at the Moon 8-hour run. That sucker beat me up!

Plan for this week (still recovering from Hobo and also tapering for Farmdale):
Monday: off
Tuesday: 4 mile MAP run
Wednesday: cross training
Thursday: 5 mile with 2 in SAP zone
Friday: off
Saturday: 10 mile MAP run
Sunday: 5 mile MEP run

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jeff said...

10 min pace is not a "slow pace". its faster than 50k race was hot sat so the HR drifted a bit...try to walk a mile before and after your 10 will help your legs....try your MEP 5 mile run (max 143, not average)on sat. with the long run sunday and truly go easy, not matter if the pace is really slow like 11-12 mins a mile