Friday, November 21, 2008

Changes for the Clinton Lake Ultra Race

Based on runner feedback on my post-race web survey and my personal experience as race director (and runner this year!), we have several changes planned for the 2009 event. Here are the changes so far:

-Reverse direction of the course for a new look (& spread runners out at start)
-Add a "veteran" (60+) age group so the oldies can duke it out
-Complimentary entry for current race champions (nice perk)
-More food at end of race (extra pizza & soda)
-Race director will not run his own race
-More sizes of shirts (added an XS size to help the women)
-More rewards for volunteers (shirts and extra thank yous!)
-Water pitchers at aid stations to quickly fill bottles
-Have vaseline at both aid stations
-Less mud...priceless...but I can't control that factor!

A note about the shirts. I am almost 100% sure they will be cotton shirts. Good, high quality cotton, but still cotton rather than technical fabric. This allows me to save money, have broader selection of sizes, give shirts to volunteers, and add more colors and flexibility to the race print design, less advance notice for the shirt vendor (and option to make last minute changes), and the ability to keep the shirt order all local (support our community).

Something I wanted to do and almost did, but eventually decided not to implement...was requiring a volunteer component to the registration form. I really wanted to require all race registrants to have completed volunteer service to a race within the past year (no certification needed, just check the "Yes, I have volunteered at a race within the past year" box and I would take your word). Even though I did not place that "requirement" on the registration form, I sure hope you have volunteered at a local race recently. I may implement that minimal requirement next year...just so I can say all Clinton Lake ultra runners are also volunteers! You are forewarned...volunteer now so you'll be ready next year if I change the policy. To tell the truth, one main reason I didn't make that part of this year's registration process was that I didn't have room on the darn paper form (it would have pushed the form to more than one single page). Kind of sad on my part.

We have changes planned for the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam too. Nothing is settled yet, but I'll keep you up-to-date on this blog (and the race web site) before the first race is done. Don't forget, to have any chance of finishing the Grand Slam, you need to register & finish the first race...Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run! What are you waiting for?

Paper & online registration forms are available on the race web site.


Tracy Thomas said...

How about shirts for sponsors too...

Chris Ⓥ said...

Sponsors get shirts too! I have one reserved for you.