Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Registration Spots Being Held

I am holding 2 registration spots for the Clinton Lake ultra. Every year I get tons of people with various excuses about why they missed the registration deadline (or didn't notice the maximum field limit was reached so soon). The race normally fills up in early January and we do not have a waiting list. We opened registration a little late this year so I figure we'll close at the end of January. If you are sick, injured, out of town, still planning your early 2009 will still have a chance to get into Clinton Lake after we fill up. I am reserving 2 spots just for people like you! When the race is full, I will take "stories" about why you should still be let into the race. Were you injured? Too poor? Out of the country? Lazy? Whatever. The two stories that capture my attention will be allowed to register late. I am still holding a March 1 deadline for ALL runners. I anticipate being full before that date. If you cannot decide by March 1 whether you want to run this race (on March 28), then tough luck. This is my concession to those with real excuses as to why they haven't registered yet.

...please don't wait to register. If you wait and the race closes, there will only be two spots to go around...don't assume you'll be picked by me as one of the two. I've denied plenty of friends and "big" names in ultra running after we reached our limit. It still kills me that I told David Goggins "no" when he called about getting in for the 2007 race. Of course, he was probably the 20th person to ask about getting into the race late. Limits are limits (especially that first year when we needed the park and club to have a good experience and thus allow us back). To David's credit, he was disappointed, but very understanding and pleasant to speak to on the phone. Obviously, missing Clinton Lake didn't slow him down. He's an awesome runner doing great things.

PS: We already have 78 registered for the race. The limit is 125. Don't forget the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam too...without completing the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run, you are out of the Slam.

Second Wind Running Club (info plus paper & online registration)
MarathonGuide online registration link
IL Trail Ultra Grand Slam information

NOTE: This "reserved spot" offer remains at the whim of the race director. These 2 spots may turn into 1 or none...or 3 if I hear extra good stories!


Jerry Davison said...

You turned down David Goggins? You're Ranger material ... you're my new hero!

Chris Ⓥ said...

I don't know about that...just looking at him on his web page scares me a little. Navy Seal, Ranger...that ain't me!