Monday, January 19, 2009

Josh Cox Breaks American 50K Record

Josh Cox broke the American record for 50K over the weekend. Even with several vomiting episodes, he ran 2:47:17 at the PF Chang Marathon in Arizona (for the 50K they extended the marathon run onto a track). That's very fast!

Here are a couple news stories:
USA Today
Arizona Central
Track & Field News
Josh Cox on MySpace

The previous record was 2:51:48 by Alex Tilson. I always wondered what the record would look like if more "real" marathoners tried the 50K distance. I'm sure all the past 50K record holders were very good marathoners, but Josh is one of the few "professional" marathoners to attempt the 50K. He says he wants to try the Comrades Marathon (89 kilometers, 56 miles) in South Africa. Alberto Salazar won Comrades back in 1994. We need to encourage more marathoners, in their prime, to go for the 50K. I suppose there is no financial reward in it for them, but I'd still love to see a top marathoner race a 50K...or longer ultra distance.

Congratulations to Josh. I hope he does run Comrades...and another 50K. Maybe he'll try a trail ultra too. Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run is closed for 2009, but Josh is welcome at the 2010 race.


jeff said...

he actaully won a 50mile trail race in Viriginia in the late 1990's, one the race directed by david horton

Sharon said...

He did attend Liberty University where Horton teaches. Makes sense.