Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Trail Ultra Grand Slam

Don't forget, now that the Clinton Lake ultra is over, we still have the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam! If you finished the Clinton Lake 30-Miler, then you are entered into the iTUGS. You need to complete the following races to finish the Grand Slam:

McNaughton Park 50/100/150
Rock Cut Hobo 50K
Farmdale Trail 32 Miler

These are all fine Illinois trail ultras. Sign-up, complete them, and you will be a Slammer! I have posted the current Grand Slam standings. They are sorted by last name and also by standing within gender group. Since Logan and Christine won the Clinton Lake race, they are currently in the lead. With three races to go, it's still anyone's game. Who will be named the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam champion?


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I'm trying to view the ITUGS standings spreadsheet, but I get a permissions error. Maybe others are getting this error message as well.

"We're sorry, does not have permission to access this spreadsheet."

Chris Ⓥ said...

Brian and others,
The Grand Slam standings should now be completely public and viewable (but not editable) by everyone without signing in. Sorry for the earlier restrictions.

Dan Fossier (Mr. #37) said...

Though it is relatively impressive that Logan Martin has come in 1st place two years in a row, any really, really good runner could do that. How can you explain, however, that I've now come in 37th place two years in a row. I couldn't have done that had I been trying. So, count me in once again for 2010 ... just make sure there are exactly 36 other runners who can trot around that trail 3 times in front of me.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Very impressive Dan!