Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Need to Cancel Race

There's no need to cancel the 7-day stage race. The course was looking pretty shabby a few days ago, but the park has mowed most of it (and The Riddler has re-mowed about 50% to a fine fairway-type trim). Jeff may get out and finish his mowing, but if not, it's still in reasonable shape. And the mud and water is finally gone! Even the swampy north-east corner by Hwy 47 is fairly dry. I was not about to go for 7 days with wet feet. All the brown mileage and turn signs are back-up and some of the directional arrows are still painted on the ground (left-over from last weekends race). New people should not have trouble negotiating the correct turns. I'll try to freshen-up some of the faded turn arrows before Sunday morning.

The race is now a little over two days away. It all starts at 5am on Sunday morning! I'm still dreading the week-long run. Last year at this time, I was anxious, but excited and eager to begin. Once Saturday gets here, I'll probably get excited and be ready to go on Sunday morning. I'm healthy, uninjured, and in reasonable shape. What more do I need? Hope to see a few of you out there during the week.


denalifc said...

Good luck Chris. i'll be thiking of you duing the next 7 days. ish I was closer to be able to make a few days Good luck - guess you'll be bringing in a big screen TV for next Saturdays FA Cup final - live on FSC. Cheers

Chris Ⓥ said...

Thanks Ian. I'll miss the last day of the EPL, Champions League, and the FA Cup! I will follow the action on the "World Soccer Daily" podcast as I run and walk on the trail.