Friday, June 26, 2009

Western States 100

The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run is this weekend. It's the premier 100 miler in the world. Scott Jurek is back after taking a few years off (he has won WS100 7 times!). There are tons of elite runners at this year's race. Should be an awesome event with lots of drama. My money is on Scott Jurek to win again.

Two local Illinois runners to watch: Juli Aistars and Mike Siltman. They won't win, but they are excellent, dedicated runners. You may have seen them at McNaughton Park or Clinton Lake ultras. I wish them, and all of the WS100 runners, the best.

Race web cast

Runner's World Story

One day I'd love to run this sucker...and the other 3 "Grand Slam" races. Four mountain 100 milers in one summer! Now that's fun. Not to be confused with the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam (also fun, but much less demanding).

PS: While you're following the WS100 race, don't forget the USA vs Brazil Confederations Cup soccer final on Sunday afternoon. Can the US pull off another big upset? I hope so! The game will be televised nationally on ESPN at 1pm Central time (Sunday, June 28).

RACE UPDATE: Hal Koerner and Anita Ortiz win the race! Scott Jurek dropped out at Devil's Thumb (47 miles). Juli Aistars DNF'd at Duncan Canyon (23 miles) and Mike Siltman DNF'd at Robinson Flat (29 miles). Must have been a hot day!


Anonymous said...

We are setting off some fireworks tonight to honor Mike and wish him well (and have fun).... Now when we look to the west and chant: "RUN MIKE RUN"...we can include Juli as well.. Boy,she is having a great year!!

donna : )

Chris Ⓥ said...

Looks like Mike & Juli DNF'd. They had some pretty oppressive heat in northern California. Auburn was over 100! Those canyons would have been REALLY hot. Lots of elite runners either DNF'd or didn't even start.