Friday, July 10, 2009

Minimalist Runner

I'm trying to be more minimalist in my running. Particularly my footwear. I dabble in barefoot running and recently bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes. I had my first trail run (really a walk/jog) in them last night. They worked well. I see myself dragging out my Vibrams, Nike Frees, and racing flats more often. All of these minimalist shoes help me concentrate on running correctly and building up strength in my feet. For those that want to know more about this "minimalist" running stuff, check out the recent book that has people again talking about (and trying) "back to nature" running: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

Also, you might like the Google "Minimalist Runner" Group.

And Barefoot Ted's blog.

In the past when I ran barefoot on the local trails, people would scoff and ridicule. Yesterday when I ran in my five finger shoes, the locals were inquisitive and encouraging. Several runners talked about other people they knew that had the shoes. Some had tried barefoot walking and running themselves and wanted more information about it. Times have least for now. Coach Riddle was ahead of his time. He's been doing this barefoot stuff for a long time. Thanks for showing me the way to more natural running.


Barefoot Running Coach said...

Great to see another convert out there! Hopefully out there on the trails you'll help even more people discover the benefits of barefoot running!

Have a blast!

~Michael Sandler
Coach, The Barefoot Running Club

Chris Ⓥ said...

If you can run barefoot in CO, I can do it in Illinois!