Saturday, August 1, 2009

Barefoot Running is Everywhere!

More and more local runners seem to be trying barefoot running, or five fingers shoe running. And I hear about it everyday in the news, on a blog, through a listserv, or in a print running advertisement. Just a couple days ago (July 30, 2009) there was another short article (this one from the Sydney Morning Herald) talking about barefoot running. With the Born to Run book catching on, this barefoot thing may be here to stay. Check out this YouTube video of shod versus unshod (barefoot) running:

Care to join the revolution? Come on, you know you want to toss those clunky shoes aside and try a little barefoot running! If you are afraid of pure naked feet, try the Vibram Five Fingers shoes. I may sound a bit infatuated with this minimalist stuff (I am!), but I don't have any financial interest in any of these products. Trust me, you might like a more minimalist running style. I haven't finished the book Born to Run yet, but I like what I have read so far and plan on finishing it this weekend. Book review to come soon.

From Australia to's another newspaper article on barefoot running from the British paper The Independent (August 4, 2009).


GTI said...

At the BR100 this past weekend, that "Born to Run" book came up in my conversations with 3 different runners. The guy I spent the most time with during the day said that it really changed his mind about running completely. He never pushed it on me, but still couldn't help refering to it as we talked. Gotta admit, I'm completely curious about it now.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Sorry about your DNF at BR100, but it was a serious long run and excellent experience for your next 100 miler.

Yeah, you'd like the book "Born to Run." It's a well written narrative and it touches on some very deep running issues (Why do I run? Why does this hurt?). For an artsy guy like you, it'll strike a chord.

GTI said...

Ha! I think you may have me pegged! ;-) I stopped by the book store and picked up a copy this afternoon. I'll be able to dive in soon.

I'm really good with the DNF. Learn a whole lot. There's no doubt about it, even 100K is not quite in the same league as the 100M. It's a whole different animal when you start talking about 20, 30 hrs on your feet and running overnight, isn't it? I know the distance gave you some trouble now and then (though I think the MP100 is a much tougher course than the one I just tried).