Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Forget the Grand Slam

Just a quick reminder that the 2009 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam (iTUGS) is only half over...we still have two fall races to go. If you ran the first two races (Clinton Lake & McNaughton Park), check out the current Grand Slam standings. Over the summer I tend to forget that the Grand Slam is still going (and I coordinate the sucker!). Now that summer is heading into fall, it's time to refocus on the iTUGS races. Please consider running both of these races: Rock Cut Hobo 50k and Farmdale 32 miler.

Rock Cut Hobo 50K will be run on Sunday, September 20 in Rockford, Illinois.

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There are discounts for Rockford Road Runner members. In addition to the 50K on Sunday, there is a 25K on Saturday morning and a night-time 10K on Friday evening. If you do all three races, you get a special "triple crown" award (and lots of other goodies). I am considering doing all three myself. I'll see how my training is going. If I feel really fit, I may skip the short races and target the 50K as a PR buster. This course is fairly easy (as far as 50K trail races go). I always seem to die at the end, but this year could be different...hope springs eternal!

After the Hobo run, we have our final Grand Slam race: Farmdale Trail 32 miler on Saturday, October 17 in East Peoria, Illinois.

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October is a great time to run in central Illinois and this race is a good one. This year the race course is slightly changed--it'll be four 8-mile loops. This should allow people to run more even splits and you'll know when you are approaching the finish so you can turn it up for the final miles! Those participating in the iTUGS can grab your finisher award right at the end of the race (assuming you did all four). Similarly, the male and female winner's of the Slam will be awarded at the end of the Farmdale trail race. I may not make Farmdale this year (I've run every one so far) since I have promised my brother I'd do the Redwoods Marathon with him on October 18 (one day after Farmdale). I can't do both! It's still a long way off, and currently my brother has a foot problem, so I may continue my Farmdale running streak.

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Heidi E. Carpenter said...

I have been thinking of trying for the Grand Slam eventually. I want to see how Clinton Lake goes first, however.

And thanks, yes New Orleans is coming up soon--this weekend! I'm hoping to run 9-10 on Saturday morning.

By the way, it isn't connected to my main blog but I also have a running one if you'd like to read it. It is on Runner's World: