Friday, September 11, 2009

Barefooting Across the United States

(Picture from The Epoch Times on September 9, 2009). I heard about this story a few weeks ago, but now it has begun. A guy is running from New York to California barefoot to raise funds for homeless youth! Is that crazy or what? Seems like this is a great cause and I wish him well on his 3200-mile journey. I'm mostly interested in the barefoot running aspect of this adventure. I hope he updates people on how things are going during the run (beyond the charity part of the event). How are his feet & legs holding up? What type of daily recovery routine does he have? Are other barefoot people joining him for parts of the run? Now that I've gotten more and more into barefoot and FiveFinger shoe running, a stunt like this is extremely interesting to me. I'll be keeping an eye on his web site.

His name is Tellman Knudson and here is more information on his cross-America trek:

Tellman's blog

Trans World News article

Epoch Times article

This guy even looks like Forest Gump. I encourage you to check out his blog posts and videos. Pretty interesting. Run Tellman run! Good luck. I hope this draws attention to his charity cause and also barefoot running (in a positive way).

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