Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2010 Clinton Lake Ultra is Full

It filled faster than I expected, but the race is now closed. We have reached our limit of 125 runners. (Maybe I should open up one more spot for the race and auction it off on e-Bay?) A big thank you to all the runners who registered so quickly. Second Wind Running Club and I appreciate your support of this event. We hope you enjoy the trail and have a good race. March 27, 2010 will be here before you know it...time to begin your training!

Whether it's official or not, I will have some special random prizes for those that run the race barefoot or in Vibram FiveFingers. I was inspired (and a bit humbled) by one of the Clinton Lake registered runners who ran the McNotAgain 30-Miler this past weekend in FiveFinger KSOs. That's a photo of Mr. Gibson's feet in his trusty KSOs. Yes, the course was rather wet and muddy. Mike passed me in the middle of the race and we chatted for a bit. Turns out he learned about the shoes from this blog...small world. If he can run 30 miles at McNaughton Park, then he and others can run 30 miles at Clinton Lake in them. The revolution has begun!

PS: Just to set the record straight, I passed him back and finished well ahead of Mike in the final race standings. I'm still amazed that he finished 30 tough trail miles in those suckers. I used my old Nike Air Zoom Trail shoes for the first 20 miles and then finished the last 10 miles in my New Balance 790s. I should have tried my FiveFinger KSOs for at least one loop. Next time.


Jerry Davison said...

Do you have to wear them all 3 loops?!

Chris Ⓥ said...

Yes, to "qualify" for any special prizes, you'd have to wear the FiveFingers shoes all three loops (or a combo of barefoot & FiveFingers).

Joshua said...

I stumbled upon your race (and the entire grand slam) on barefoot ted's google group forum back in the beginning of october. i saw your post concerning a barefoot division and immediately started researching your race since i live within a couple hours distance. i run exclusively barefooted/vffs and am extremely happy to see your idea coming to fruition. can't wait to run clinton lake in my KSOs!

Chris Ⓥ said...


Sounds awesome! The race is closed and I'm glad you got into the event. I still need to chat with the running club about a barefoot/VFF division, but if nothing else, we'll have some random prizes just for those folks! I did one 10-mile loop on the trail this past weekends and my KSOs worked fine. It was tough since the trail was COVERED with thick leaves and I couldn't tell what was underneath. The short, quick strides with bent knees kept me going in my VFFs.