Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jeff's Progress

I will be posting my weekly progress update each Friday after my benchmark treadmill run. Jeff (director of the famous "Riddle Run") has his own goals and will be sending me updates each week too--usually after our Tuesday morning run. This is our public accountability. He primarily wants to lose weight, overcome his foot problems, and get back to marathon & ultra running (but only if he can drop below 200 pounds). Here is Jeff's first quick report to me:

Weight: 234 lbs => 231 lbs
Waist: 43.25" => 42.5"

Feeling better and upping by miles to 30 miles per week for next year.

Short & simple. Jeff's making progress after only one week. Can I say the same after Friday's run? I hope so.


Tom Rice said...

I'm watching you guys. Keep at it.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Jeff better give a more thorough update next week! This could be a cool accountability and motivational tool. I know my Friday run and posting will encourage me to work out more and take this whole thing seriously.

Tom Rice said...

You mentioned that your reports are "public accountability." The whole world is watching!