Friday, February 5, 2010

Test Run #8

I was curious how this week's run would turn out.  I skipped last week's test and this week has been stressful and unusual.  Would that affect my run?  Here are my overall statistics for today's test run (in parenthesis is change from last test run):

Friday, February 5, 2010
3 miles @ 8:00 pace
Avg HR = 148 (-4 beats)
Peak HR = 159 (-4 beats)
Resting HR = 55 (+2 beats)
Weight = 170 (+2 pounds)

I suppose it's a mixed bag.  The statistics that really matter--the running heart rates (average and peak)--both improved.  The measures that sort of indicate overall fitness (weight and resting HR) both got worse.  I care more about the running stats and I'm happy with this week's results.  It has been a strange and stressful week with University furloughs being combined with an early retirement incentive to get people to separate from the University and save money.  Our office may have 3 long-time staff departing early.  My first furlough day is Monday (Feb 8).  My staff have a lot of anxiety about whether there will be lay-offs and more budget cuts.  I'm worried about how we maintain operations with fewer (and less experienced) employees.  This could account for my raised resting heart rate.  Also, I've been pigging out all week with lots of lunches and dinners with co-workers, old friends (including a high school buddy I hadn't seen in 25 years!), and my lovely wife.  Did I also mention the extra cake and brownies for office birthdays this week?  Guess this accounts for the 2 pound weight gain.

Overall, this has been a crazy week.  Things will calm down and get back to normal next week and my test run in 7 days will show improvement...I guarantee it.  Plus, the New Orleans Saints will be world champions!  Geaux Saints!!!

NOTE: Good results or bad, at least I'm still posting updates on my progress. Where's that Riddle character and his updates? His blog?  Apparently he "loves to run" but doesn't love to post.

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