Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Current Course Records

For anyone coming to this year's Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run, here are the targets to shoot for if you want to set a course record:

Male = 3:56:20 (Logan Martin, 2009)
Female = 4:29:50 (Christine Crawford, 2009)

I guess 2009 was a good year for records!  Actually, we did have a nice dry course for about the first 3 hours, then rain, sleet, and high winds picked up and the last hours were miserable. At the end of the race, the course was muddy, watery, and slippery.  Plus, it was cold, damp, and windy.  I have a feeling that we will have mud this year.  The ground is saturated and all the snow hasn't even melted yet.  Spring typically brings fairly frequent rain to central Illinois.  Oh well...trail runs are more fun with mud anyway!

No promises, but in the past we've given $50 to anyone setting a new course a little extra cash to buy breakfast at the Farmer City cafe.


Logan Martin said...

No promises? You know we're all in this for the money...


Chris Ⓥ said...

My anonymous benefactor needs to agree to the cash award again. Remember, you also get free entry into next year's race!

Anonymous said...

Chris, how about a bonus for winning (once again) the overweight runner from Ohio catagory? Plus, I plan to be running barefoot - well, I will be barefoot - and then covering my bare feet with socks as well as heavy Montrail shoes.

Hey really, I wanted to say thanks for putting this race together. Janet and I look forward to it every year. Even have some friends from Michigan running this time. I have a special gift coming from Ohio for you. Hint - it comes in a holder and has 6 identical "friends". My only questions had mentioned in a post long ago about going to a lite (whatever it is that i am giving you) do you prefer regular or lite beer? Oh crap, I gave it away.

See you soon and again, we appreciate your hard work! - Ray and Janet

Chris Ⓥ said...

I prefer non-lite beer. Foreign over domestic. Then again, I seem to drink Bud light when it's offered so I'm not too picky! Lately I've been enjoying Sam Adams & Rolling Rock (two fine American beers--and their lite versions aren't too bad either). Look forward to seeing you two again at CL30...and maybe at Gnaw Bone in May?