Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Loyal Race Sponsors

Sponsors tend to come and go...and I've had a few of those with the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run.  Fortunately, I have also had four sponsors (and one running club) that have been with me right from the start...in fact they were on-board before the race even got off the ground (we had one false start a couple years before the actual race happened).  So please think good thoughts about these fine companies...and purchase their products and services too!  Here they are listed alphabetically:
Second Wind Running Club doesn't really count as a "sponsor" since they are the actual club that puts on the race...IT IS THEIR RACE...but I certainly appreciate that they added this trail ultra marathon to their race schedule and have supported it over the years.  I've never been one to recruit more and more sponsors.  I found a few that liked the race and they have been loyal from day one.  I guess a different race director or different running club might push for more and more sponsorships to get extra cash and products.  That's not me. 

So I offer a hearty THANK YOU to the above sponsors!  It would be hard, if not impossible, to conduct the race without you.


Unknown said...

No Inov-8? I saw at one time they were on your list.

Chris Ⓥ said...

The correct phrase is "at one time." No more. They have been sponsors in the past--always with extra reminders and work on my part. This year hasn't worked out. I've heard poor things about them as sponsors...they make a nice line of trail shoes...but don't step it up for trail races.