Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Race Course Conditions

We are only three days away from the Clinton Lake race and the course is in excellent condition. The recent warmer temperatures and lack of rain have helped dry out the trail. We are supposed to have almost an inch of rain tomorrow (Thursday), but then dry again for Friday and Saturday. The trail should drain well and only have a few muddy spots come race day.  We usually have high winds and lots of mud. Could the perfect weather and fairly dry trail lead to new course records?  I hope so.  The current weather forecast for race day is:

Low: 30
High: 56
Sky Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Chance of Rain: 6%
Winds: 12mph
Race Director Comments:  I like it, but I don't trust it!

I guess you racers have lived the good life and positive karma is in the air. For once, the volunteers should have a wonderful day to be at the aid stations, finish line, and trail. See you soon.  Your fearless leader (that's me) can be seen above running the 2008 race...and directing that same darn race.  No wonder I was so slow. The weather looks to be really nice this year...and I could use a long training run...maybe I'll consider running it that even possible?


Unknown said...

Wait a minute... isn't the race full? Are you registered?

Chris Ⓥ said...

I knew there was a catch! The race is full and I'm not even on the darn wait list. Guess I'll just watch the runners having a great time in their FiveFinger shoes.

Unknown said...

Just joking. There must be an RD clause in the rules allowing you to enter...