Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love Trumps Running

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary.  Happy anniversary Sharon!  It's also a day of no running (sorry Moon Walk team).  At times, love trumps running.  Last weekend it was a theater trip to Chicago that trumped a long weekend run (still got in an early morning run along the lakefront).  Today it was lounging in bed that beat out the standard morning run.  Too many times running has taken center stage over all other activities.  Not today...and less so in the future as well.  I plan on finishing this hectic year of running ultra marathons...then resetting priorities in 2011.  No doubt I'll still run on a regular basis, and do some races too, but probably shorter events that are closer to home. I'd prefer to spend more quality time with the wife and "kids" (gerbils and degu). Scunthorpe, the degu, just won the "cutest pet" competition at my wife's college.

After 21 years of marriage, it still feels like we are newlyweds.  How many couples can say that?  I love running....but I love my wife more.  Have a great day snubbly wife!


GTI said...

Happy Anniversary!
(What show did you come up to see in Chicago?)

Anonymous said...

If anyone on the team deserves a day off, you do!

Chris said...

We saw "Hephaestus" at the Goodwin Theatre (greek mythology tale done in a circus/acrobatic manner). Pretty cool.

Ian said...

Way to go Chris. I'd say 21 years is a long time but then Laura and I hit 20 years in 13 days time!!

Chris said...

20 or 21 years...both are a long time. Congrats back to you and Laura. Hope to see you on the trails in the near future.