Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 9-Cent Running Book

I love running books.  Just take a gander at my "Library Thing" list of running books (always available on the side bar).  I now have 122 running-related books.  Some are hot-off-the-press, others are old classics, and some are simply books that caught my attention.  My "best buy" is probably a recent $.09 purchase: The Self-Coached Runner by Allan Lawrence and Mark Scheid.  I got it at a used bookstore on the web.  Shipping was $2.99...that still totals only $3.08 for a serious training book.  The Self-Coached Runner was published in 1984 and reflects the intense nature of running during that time--people were serous and competitive!  As an example, the marathon training schedules start at a target goal of 2:20...then stop at 4:00. Books these days might START at 4:00 and then end with simply trying to get you to the finishline under the cut-off.  Times have changed.  If you love running, start browsing your local used book stores...then hit the web and search for running books that have been "lost in time."  They may re-motivate you to set new goals. Maybe my 3:30 marathon goal is too easy...can I run 3:20?  3:10?  3:00?  I think 2:20 is out of reach, but you never know until you try!  Happy browsing and reading.

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