Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beginners Guide to Vibram Shoes

One of my favorite web sites is "Birthday Shoes."  It's dedicated to Vibram FiveFinger shoes and it does an excellent job of reviewing the various models, presenting the latest news, and showcasing people doing activities in their Vibrams.  Seems kind of silly, but I love this site. Why a web site soley about a pair of shoes?  Here is part of the explanation from the site:

"What's the big deal about FiveFingers? Simply put, they are footwear designed to accord with our biological engineering, engineering completed over the course of countless millennia and untold evolutionary iterations."

Justin, the site manager, even prepared a free guide to the FiveFinger shoes. Who knew you needed a guide to these shoes!  I laughed at first, but ended up enjoying the document (it's about 20 pages long). Check it out:

the [beginners guide] to Vibram Five Fingers shoes!

I bought a couple of the Birthday Shoes stickers too.  They are pretty cool.  As mentioned on the site (to his credit), I cut the sticker to just display the five finger logo rather than the web site.


justin said...

Thanks for the shout-out Chris! I appreciate it.

Chris said...

Keep up the GREAT work with your web site, blog, forum, etc! Good stuff.