Monday, August 30, 2010

Traumatic Brain Injury and Running

Patrick, a deacon out in Colorado, is planning on doing 20 20K runs in the month of September to promote awareness of traumatic brain injury and raise funds for his web site and blog that helps those suffering from brain injuries.  I don't know Patrick personally, although he is a regular poster to our Google Minimalist Runner Group.  I've enjoyed his thoughtful posts and I am continually inspired by his barefoot trail runs in the mountains of Colorado...all while overcoming traumatic brain injuries!  I wish Deacon Patrick well in his twenty 20K runs. Whenever you are looking for reasons to run, check out his web site/blog, there are fantastic pictures and great stories of perseverance that will get most people off their couches and onto a local trail.  One of Patrick's sayings is to go "as fast as we can, as slow as we must."  Whether you are suffering from a disability or not, that's pretty good advice for running.

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Deacon Patrick said...

Thank you, Chris! I'm slow but persiverence pays off -- in running, in brain injury, and in running with brain injury!

May God Startle you with joy!