Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Grand Slam Update

Only one race left in the 2010 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam!  After the first three races (Clinton Lake, McNaughton Park, Rock Cut Hobo) we have only 12 runners still standing.  You've done a great job...now keep it up for one more race.  Farmdale 30 miler (or 50 miler if you are ambitious) awaits on Saturday, October 9.  I love the Farmdale race and have done it every year it has existed.  I'll be back again this year too.  After I finish, I'll hang out and start passing out the Grand Slam finisher prizes.  There will be something special for the male and female Grand Slam champions too.  Currently, John Cash has a sizable lead on the men's side, while Juli Aistars has snuck up to first place on the women's side.  I wish John and Juli the best in their march to the Grand Slam title! 

And of course, I wish all 12 contenders the best of luck heading into Farmdale.  YOU CAN DO IT!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Definitely a possibility next year. HOwever, as a newbie ultrarunner, I wish they were spread out more evenly across the year. Enjoy the race!

Chris said...

As a newbie, I understand your concern. Two in the spring (close together) and two in the fall (close together). It's tough...but that's what makes it worthwhile! We may not have the Grand Slam next year...but if not...we'll have some kind of ultra series.

Joshua said...


I've been waiting for RRR to get the official results up from the hobo 50k. don't believe i've missed them being posted. seems like you have access to them for the grand slam? might i have a look?

Chris said...


Don't you know I always get the results early...I'm and insider! It pays to be the grand poohbah. They should be posted soon to the Rockford Runner web site, but I'll send you an e-mail with them as an attachment.

Jim said...


Thanks for the updated standings! Looking forward to seeing you after finishing the Grand Slam with the Farmdale 50.

Why just do 30 miles when you can suffer (oops, I mean enjoy...) for 50? :P

Ian said...

HOBO was a fun race. Just glad I finished. Race report coming Chris. And I must be special as Larry also sent me the results ahead of the RRR posting. Good luck to all doing Farmdale and completing the Grand Slam. Juli and Heidi who are both in it are awesome. Wish I could be there to seem them finishing

Chris said...

I toyed with the 50 miler, but figured 30 miles plus some beer drinking would feel better!

Good job at Hobo50K. Not fast, but persistent! Juli has moved up to first female in the Grand Slam.