Monday, September 6, 2010

Great (Short) Barefoot Running Guide

I've grown tired of the questions and critiques of barefoot running.  Do what makes you happy and keeps you injury free.  For me, that's minimalist running...including barefoot runs.  Currently I do most of my runs in "minimalist" shoes like racing flats.  I also throw in quite a bit of running in my two Vibram FiveFinger shoes (KSO and Bikila).  Finally, I do some barefoot running each week.  If I had to estimate the percentages of each type of running, I'd say it's about 60-30-10 (Minimalist-Vibram-Barefoot).  I am planning on changing to much more Vibram and totally barefoot running over the next 2 months.  I'll try to update my proportion of running in a month or so...hopefully it'll be something like 30-50-20 (Minimalist-Vibram-Barefoot).

For those that want advice on barefoot running, I find this guide from Zen Habits one of the best available:

"The Complete Beginner's Guide to Barefoot Running"

It's perfect for beginners and still a nice, quick read for more experienced barefooters. I'm not sure I would classify this guide as "complete"--but it does a nice job of summarizing key points and it's short enough to not intimidate newbies. I suppose it's sort of a "complete primer" on barefoot running.

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