Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 IL Trail Ultra Grand Slam Champions

Yesterday was the last race of the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam (Farmdale 30/50 miler). I don't have the full race results yet, but we do have the official champions: Juli Aistars was the female winner and John Cash was the male winner.  Congratulations to both of them!  John had a huge lead coming into the Farmdale race (36 points) and basically just needed to finish the 50 miler.  Juli had a bit more competition from Michele Hartwig--only 4 points separated them after three ultra races.  It was a hot and sunny day so I applaud all runners that finished.  I had a terrible day, but finished...race report coming soon.  I am so sore today, it's hard to walk.  I think training is a good thing...and I didn't have a chance to train for Farmdale.

UPDATE:  Farmdale race results are now posted on the IVS web site and the Farmdale race web site.  I have updated all of the IL Grand Slam standings too.   We had 12 runners in contention for the Grand Slam and all of them finished.  Congratulations to all 12 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam finishers!


Jim said...


It was nice to meet up with you again after finishing Farmdale 50 (and the Grand Slam). Thanks for the Bass and Newcastle Brown Ale. They sure went down nice while I was grilling some bratwurst on Sunday afternoon. Way better than electrolyte drinks!!! :)

Hope to see you again on the trails!


Chris said...

Congrats on finishing a tough 50 miles on hilly trails on a hot day! Glad you did the full Grand Slam. It was good chatting with you and your wife. I'm sure we'll connect again on some trail in Illinois.