Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boston Bound

I'm Boston bound...unfortunately, not for the Boston Marathon.  I'm heading to Boston to meet my brothers and finally bury my mother's ashes.  She'll be interred with my father and brother in a north Boston suburb.  It'll be an odd "reunion."  We don't get together as a family very often, so seeing everyone will be nice.  Too bad it's not under better circumstances.  Most of the family spent quite a bit of time growing up in the Boston area...not me...I was born in Baltimore and raised in California and Louisiana.  Still, it should be fun to visit my brothers' old neighborhood, schools, and favorite eateries. We'll go into Boston for some touristy stuff too...and likely visit Bill Rodger's Running Center...and get a couple of runs in along the Charles River.  Maybe Mr. Rodgers will sign my Vibram FiveFinger shoes!

Hopefully next time I'm in Boston, it'll be to run that darn marathon.

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