Friday, October 22, 2010

This Blog is Certified

Hey, did you know this blog is certified?  You might say it's certified crazy...but that's another story.  I'm actually talking about my two affiliations that are listed on the right of this blog--the "Stomp of Approval" from the Barefoot Runner's Society and the connection with the Primalfoot Alliance.  What's this mean?  Did a I pass a rigorous certification process?  Not really.  I was invited to join the BRS when they were just starting...and I was happy to be part of the initial membership.  Who wouldn't want the "stomp of approval"?  Later I saw there was a "Primalfoot Alliance" that encouraged people to "take their feet back."  Sounded good...I want my feet back!  These are simply two great groups that promote and connect people with similar attitudes and beliefs about barefoot walking and running.  Check them out by clicking on their logos on my blog.  They both have good resources for going natural.

While you are checking out those two groups, don't forget I have a list of minimalist shoes and barefoot resources on the right side of the blog too.

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