Monday, November 29, 2010

Cold Weather Running

Don't you just love the first few runs of winter...NOT!  Eventually, I get used to the idea of running when it's well below freezing, dark, and windy.  I haven't gotten to that point this season.  When winter arrives each year, I always forget what to wear when it's cold.  I put on too much or too little for the conditions.  I came across this excellent YouTube video called "How to Dress for Cold Weather Running."  It was created by a very good runner in Vermont (Tim VanOrden from "Running Raw").

Hope you find the video informative and motivating.  ALMOST makes me wish for super cold weather so I can layer-up and get out there in the snow.  Not sure where he gets his inexpensive "department store" running clothes, but I've found some pretty good gear at Target (Champion C9 brand).


zapmamak said...

Makes me wish I lived in the snow. Damn. Great post and video.

Chris said...

The snow is fun at first, but it gets old fast. Many times I wish I were out west in the warm weather.

Judy Tolliver said...

Thanks, Chris. I just posted this to my Facebook page. Was that you I saw on the trails at Lake of the Woods on Saturday morning? I was on skis, yelling "Buffalo!" to anyone I saw running. I saw 2 people and thought one of them might be you (yellow jacket).

Chris said...


I was running on the trails Saturday morning, but I had on a red jacket. It was tough plowing through 8 inches of fresh snow. Fun, but tough. My heart rate was really high. Sunday was easier--lots of runners, walkers, and skiers had beaten down a path.