Friday, November 26, 2010

Don't Buy Running Shoes

Don't buy running shoes...or anything else today.

Today is the day after Thanksgiving...often referred to as "Black Friday" due to the preponderance of retail sales that bring stores back "into the black" on their yearly budgets.  I prefer to celebrate "Buy Nothing Day" and refuse to purchase any items today.  A small gesture against the capitalist machine.  Of course, if you run barefoot, you don't need to buy any stinking shoes!  So, instead of scrambling around crowded stores, scramble up the slope of your favorite trail.  You'll save money and do something good for your health...both your body and mind.  Thanksgiving might be over, but you can still give thanks for all the great non-monetary things you have in your life.  Running is something you can be proud of--a real accomplishment that costs you nothing.

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Dansko Fan said...

Out of the Box thinking, I think the author is against the Capitalism.