Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vermont Death Race

This past summer I ran the Canadian Death Race...sort of...if you count an unfair DNF...but that's another story.

There's another "death race" in Pittsfield, Vermont.  This race is harder, and fairer, than the Canadian version.  It challenges you in every way possible.  Just go to their web site to find out more details.  Yes, that really is the correct URL!  Andy Weinberg, the co-race director, was the director of the McNaughton Park trail ultras in Pekin, IL.  He's taken those races up to Vermont too.  Andy is a great guy.  And he enjoys serious challenges...and challenging serious athletes. 

Outside Magazine recently had a nice story on the Vermont Death Race (November 2010 issue).  Check it out if you want to be motivated.  I have NO INTENTION OF EVER RUNNING THIS DEATH RACE...but it is pretty cool THINKING about it.  Mike Siltman, local ultra runner extraordinaire and RD of the McNotAgain 30 miler, is signed up for the 2011 event.  Good luck to Mike and all the other true death racers.  You think any of them will run barefoot?

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