Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Hope for Spring Minimalist Shoes

Lots of promises out there from various shoe companies.  Everyone seems to be latching on, at least a little bit, to this minimalist craze.  Looks like we'll have a few start-ups producing very interesting minimalist shoes, plus a few big companies jumping on the band wagon too.  The New Balance Minimus Trail is pictured on the left--more photos on Flickr here.  Currently, that's my favorite of the new crop of shoes coming out--I liked their NB 790 trail shoe and this Minimus Trail should be even better.  For Spring 2011 (February-April?), I have hopes for the following new minimalist shoes:

New Balance Minimus Trail
Altra Adam
Terra Plana Neo
Merrell Barefoot Collection

I can't believe Nike is letting these other companies get a head start on them...I would expect them to already have 1-2 models ready to go...maybe they are waiting for the right timing?  Anyway, if these other shoes sell well, Nike will be all over it within no time. With a plethora of new barefoot books and now several new minimalist shoes, this spring is going to be fantastic!


John said...

Chris, Nike has the very popular free's. And even though they aren't truly minimalist, they are marketed as so and most people who buy them think they are. I see so many Free's at my university's gym. And this is what Nike is great at - marketing.

Chris said...

I have had 2 pairs of the Nike Frees and had to chop off the heel to maker them usable. My cobbler did it very quickly and only charged me $5. They are definitely not minimalist. If they have a Nike Free 1.0 model lurking out there it could work well. I like the soft stretchy upper and flexible sole. Just too much cushioning and too much heel.

John said...


I was wondering what you run trails in during the winter? Have you zero dropped a GTX shoe? Do you use something else?


Chris said...

I run trails in all of my shoes---VFFs, Mizuno Wave Universe, Nike Free, Feelmax Osma, and NB 790. The NB is my go-to shoe for tougher trails and colder running. It's not zero-dropped, but never had a big heel.