Monday, January 10, 2011

Anton Krupicka's Minimalist Thoughts in 2007

Anton Krupicka, one of the best trail ultramarathon runners of the last few years, wrote about minimalist shoes and barefoot running on his blog way back in 2007.  Here is a great post of his from October 24, 2007 entitled "Minimalist Footwear."  It's great to see one of my "running idols" writing so effectively about the minimalist movement...before it was a running trend!  It doesn't hurt that I agree with everything he says in this early post.  I encourage people to read, or re-read, this post from Anton.  I am cautiously optimistic that New Balance may get things right with his guidance in developing their newest minimalist shoes.  The NB Minimus line is due out this spring.  They'll have competition from Merrell's barefoot collection and the new Altra line of barefoot shoes, but New Balance is a big company that could influence a lot of runners to "go minimal."  I hope ALL of the new barefoot shoes do well.  Runners deserve diversity in the types of shoes that will serve our needs.

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Trailrunner on minimalist shoes said...

Anton, You give me the righti information and motivation to run in Minimus shoes I brought Also a pair Inov 200 barefoot for more grip in crosses.

Frank Holland