Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler Odds

Karl Meltzer, the speedgoat, has posted odds of winning the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race today.  Karl will likely be among the top 5, but I doubt he'll win (he places himself 6th).  My money is on Anton Krupicka, but I'm rooting for Zach Gingerich--a good old Illinois boy. Go Zach!  In addition to Krupicka, Meltzer, and Gingerich, we also have Jurek, Koerner, and a host of other possible winners. On this fairly flat and fast trail course, this should be an intense race.

This was my first 100 mile run back in 2004.  I learned a lot about "running" 100 miles during that race...finished in 29 hours and it was a major struggle!  I hope to go back next year and run a sub-24 hour.  These top male and female runners will be scorching the course.  Men should run sub-14 and the women sub-16.  That is very fast for a 100 mile trail run.  Check out Karl's odds for the top 11 men and top 4 women:

Karl's "Rocky Raccoon Odds" post (January 31, 2011)

I'll post the results when it's over. The race limit is 30 hours, but the winners will finish this evening. UPDATE: Ian Sharman wins RR100 in a new course record time of 12:44:33!  That turns out to be a 7:38 minute per mile pace for 100 trail miles. Anton Krupicka finished second in 13:18:52.  Hal Koerner ran well for third place in a time of 13:26:19. Liza Howard was first female in 15:33:09 (5th overall).

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