Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Born to Run Video

Christopher McDougall and friends had a "Born to Run" evening in NYC a few months ago (just before the NYC Marathon).  The full video is online now and it's pretty darn good. Excellent information, interesting speakers, research data, running history, and more!

New York Society for Ethical Culture "Born to Run" event video

Guests include:
Chris McDougall
Dan Lieberman
Ted McDonald
Peter Sarsgaard
Eric Orton
John Durant

And some interesting Q&A, singing, and dancing!  You can watch the full video from start to finish, or just grab individual "chapters" (each speaker). I watched this whole video this weekend and it inspired me to get back to REAL barefoot walking and running.  Two runs already and one more tonight.  Hopefully I won't do too much too soon.  It feels SO GOOD to feel the Earth under your feet.

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