Friday, March 4, 2011

Breaking the Non-Running Streak!

This morning I broke my non-running streak of 4 days!  That's a streak you don't want to continue.  I took Monday-Thursday off from running after the bad weekend experience with my calf.  It felt good to run for .75 miles total (.25 mile x 3) with walking in-between.  All on the treadmill in my brand new New Balance Minimus Trail shoes.  The calf felt OK.  Four days off has allowed it to heal...or at least not get aggravated.  Hopefully things will be good tomorrow too.  I plan on running 3 miles on the trails.  Then Sunday I'll go for a 10-mile hike with a little running inserted every once in awhile. If I'm OK on Monday, then I'll resume regular training with my new Maffetone heart rate zones.  Not sure I'll be going to Kentucky for the Land Between the Lakes marathon on March 12.  Doubt I could even run even a half marathon right now.  Safer to stay home and continue basic training and slowly increase mileage and speed.  I think it's best to be a smart runner and stay uninjured.  See, injuries can be good when they give you wisdom!  Hope the lesson stays with me.

With a return to regular running, I hope to post two new shoe reviews:  Merrell Trail Glove and New Balance Minimus Trail.  I need to get a few more runs in each, but they are both promising shoes.


Suza said...

I'm so happy you broke your non-running streak! Yay :)

Chris said...

Thanks! I'm happy too. Hope I stay healthy and happy for a long time.