Friday, March 11, 2011

Land Between the Lakes...Not

I am registered for the Land Between the Lakes trail marathon tomorrow.  I won't be running it.  Instead, I'll do a 5-mile local trail run.  My calf seems to be healing nicely and I should be back to full training next week.  No speedwork, but daily runs of about 5 miles.  Next weekend I'll try my first long run--probably 10 miles.  If that goes well, I declare myself healed.  I've learned my lesson...speed kills!  I've run 303 miles in one week and not gotten injured, but one intense speed session on a treadmill knocks me down.  Crazy.  Humans evolved to be distance runners, not sprinters.  My future speed sessions will be tempo runs or hill repeats that do not go far into the anaerobic zone.

Hope everyone running at Land Between the Lakes enjoys the trail and weather.  It's a great event and I plan on being back next year.  The West Kentucky Runners Club have a few runs down in the Paducah, KY area...I have my eye on their June "Run Under the Stars" 10-hour race held on a horse track at night. Running all night (8pm-6am) in the KY summer seems pretty cool.


Suza said...

I hope your 10 miler goes well!!!
It's great that you learnt from your mistake instead of continuing to repeat it - now you're smarted and it shouldn't set you back again :)

Chris said...

Thanks. I hope you're right. It feels great to "be back" to running...without pain.