Monday, June 20, 2011

Dailymile Web Running Site

I've been on dailymile for less than a week, but I like it quite a bit!  It's a free web site for tracking your running (and cycling, walking, hiking, weight lifting, etc).  In addition to very easy run logging features, you also have the ability to upload Nike+, Garmin, and iPhone or Android running data with one click.  And it has a social element that allows you to find running "friends" and form "groups" that you can then follow and compare yourself to on various weekly statistics (total miles run, longest run, comments, motivations, etc).  It's a nice site to log your runs and then compare yourself to others (across the full site or among your friends)--great way to motivate yourself and maybe inspire others. 

Any of you blog readers on dailymile?  If so, find me and friend me! My dailymile account:

For those that want nothing to do with dailymile, you can still follow my training on this blog since I added the dailymile widget that automatically posts my most recent run to this blog on the sidebar.  Yeah, I realize that following my training isn't exactly the highlight of your day, but it actually helps ME run more often, farther, and faster.  It's that public accountability thing.  Also, dailymile makes it incredibly easy to post your workout to Facebook or Twitter.

Since I'm so new to dailymile, if you have advice on how to use it, please let me know.  Thanks.

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