Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Day Without Shoes

This Saturday, June 11, is "Your Day Without Shoes."  Give it a go and see how you like it.  Not ready for 100% bare feet?  Then try flip flops for your non-adventurous time and go bare when you feel comfortable.  Flip flops slide right off and you'll be bare within 10 seconds!  Don't go barefoot for's YOUR day without shoes.  Enjoy.

While I'm mentioning this day without shoes, it reminds me that "barefoot running" is just that...done with bare feet.  No minimalist running shoe can create or simulate barefoot style running.  Not FiveFinger shoes, not Merrell's "barefoot collection" of shoes, not New Balance's "Minimus" line, not sandals.  Barefoot running is...running with bare feet!  Don't get me wrong, I love my minimalist shoes (and they certainly serve a purpose), but I don't say I'm running barefoot when I have shoes on my feet.  Your bare feet are the best coaches you'll ever find.  They won't allow you to run too much too soon.  They won't allow you to over stride and heel strike.  And they are cheap!  Hire your personal soles today to be the heart and soul of your training.  That was too much.  Sorry.  Still, enjoy the day. 


Janice said...

I agree. Bare is best:)

Chris said...


People need to at least understand that bare and minimal are different. I mix both...and barefoot is VERY different than even the most minimal footwear.